Mobile device displaying Glorious Words app.


DD Wallpaper is a native iOS app I built in Objective-C, which allows users to download photography wallpapers. All the photography showcased within the app has been captured by myself throughout the years.

Vision & Intention

Although the default wallpapers on iOS are beautiful, I wanted to offer users the choice to customise their iPhone backgrounds with photographs that were intentionally captured for digital use.

Photographs selected for DD Wallpaper were methodically composed to complement the iPhone lock or home screen background, ensuring any text or content above the photograph is easily readable.

Version 2 coming soon to the iOS App Store

Design & User Experience

I focused on a simple user interface to emulate a gallery, so the user is guided by their choice of photography style. If a user likes a specific photograph, they simply need to select it, and download the photograph to their Photo gallery. From there, they can set the photograph as a wallpaper on their device.

User Flow & Interaction

DD Wallpaper utilises a hierarchical navigation flow to provide an intuitive experience, and one that is familiar on the iOS platform. Users can simply move forwards or backwards through the navigation flow based on a single interaction that they make on the screen.

The user flow diagram below, displays multiple journeys (both happy and unhappy paths) which the user may experience whilst using the app.

User flow for DD Wallpaper

OnboardingWhen the user first opens the app, an introduction screen will greet them and give an overview of the app. The user may choose to skip the onboarding and will be taken to the home page.

BrowsingThe user can navigate through the image gallery to find a wallpaper they wish to save on their device.

Saving & setting a wallpaperNB These sequences are performed outside of DD Wallpaper, as they require the user to access their photo library and set the wallpaper photo through iOS settings.

Once a wallpaper is saved, the user can select the wallpaper image from their photo library and set it to either the lock screen, home screen or both (some sequences skipped in this user flow as they are performed).

User Permissions

In order for DD Wallpaper to operate optimally, the user is required to grant permission for the app to save the wallpaper images to the iOS Photo library.

Standard user Path (Happy Path)
(User permission has been granted)
First-time user Path
(User permission has not yet been requested)
Existing user Path
(User permission was previously not granted)

Technical Implementation

DD Wallpaper utilises the standard navigational controller experience. Upon launch, an API request is made to fetch the latest wallpaper dataset; this is then temporarily cached on device and reduces the time the user has to wait to see the main category page. A wallpaper thumbnail image is only requested when the image view is either visible to the user or ready to be presented, thereby reducing network requests.

Users can easily navigate forwards/backwards through the UI to browse and save wallpapers. On the Wallpaper showcase view, where a user would save a wallpaper, the view is presented modally and can be dismissed with a simple swipe-down or selecting the close icon.

Storyboard flow of DD Wallpaper app.
Xcode window of DD Wallpaper app.